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Thread: 1190RS #93 goes to Colorado Mile

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    Ran the Colorado Mile last year.
    Crept my top speed a little more - 179.7mph
    Not sure if I can afford it this year, we'll see in a month.

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    Curious what you ended up doing for gearing, I did a high speed run a few weeks back on my RS and couldn't believe how hard it struggled to pull 5th and 6th gear up top. No idea what it's geared to do, my thought is that EBR should have spec'd a taller first gear with tighter ratios in between.

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    Well, I know an SX with a 44 tooth will hit the limiter in 6th at 169 and gets there pretty quickly. A 200/55 rear tire most likely would reach 170. 1st gear powerband of course is useless with a 44 and the front rises top of 2nd more often than not. It can come up top of 3rd too if conditions are right. I have more links / moved axle rearward as well. Great for around town riding though.

    I'm going to try 43 and 42. But I don't get hung up on not having modern big four cylinder top speed because these are designed for cornering and acceleration and are the best in the world at doing so without computer help. I just really like that.
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