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    Motorcycle History

    Share your motorcycle road to the EBR...

    A long long time ago, I had some older dirt bikes, but no pictures...

    My road cycling started in 2009...

    2009 White Suzuki GSXR 600... I was stationed in Virginia at the time...
    When I transferred to Hawaii, it was stolen in less than 2 weeks...

    I loved that bike... I was still pretty young, so I did a lot of cosmetic upgrades to her...

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    I then got a 2007 Ducati S4R with the insurance money... always needed maintenance, electrical system sucked...

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    I traded it in for a 2012 Harley Davidson Fat Bob, thinking that I needed to slow down... poor choice...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I immediately regretted the purchase and followed up by buying and modifying a 2012 Kawasaki ZX10R... spent way to much money upgrading her... Fastest bike I've ever been on... refreshed ECU.. PC5, removed secondary butterflies, suspension, exhaust... not much left to do to her when I was done..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I sold the ZX10R when I moved to TX... traded in the Harley for the EBR... now I'm a very happy man... It's rolling art...
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    Started riding on 73 Honda 125, then while my brother was stationed on Germany I road his Kawasaki 175 Enduro, next was a Yamaha RD400, how I kept from killing myself on that bike I will never know! Went into the military and bought a 1982 Yamaha Virago ( literally the biggest piece of junk I have owned) kept it 8 weeks, traded it in on a 1982 Harley Sportster, started working for the Harley dealer while in the army and moved up to a 1984 FXR LowRider, that one got run into the front of a Camaro, repaired, traded for a 1984 Harley FLT TourGlide, next up was the 1986 883. Left the military and went to work for the Harley dealer back home in Tampa, moved up to a FXRD Grand Touring Edition, mean while I was able to get ahold of some old Harley's, and restored and road them some, 1954 K model and a 1962 XLCH, crazy to drive with the shifter on the right! By 1991 I left the motorcycle business and sold off all my bikes, got married, and really did not think much about bikes again until my divorce in 2008. Looked around and because of my familiarity with Harley-Davidson I decided to buy a XR1200, really liked that bike. I was looking in the back of Cycle World and saw an advertisement for free track day orientation ride, so I loaded up the XR and headed off the Barber Motorsports park, had a blast and when I managed to pass a Ducati 1000 sport I was hooked. So then I had to find a track bike, and since I really was not familiar with Japanese bikes that much, and remembering the Buells when I work for H-D of Tampa I started looking for a Buell xb12, found a new 2007 and bought it and turned it into my track bike, few months later Buell closed and the dealer called me and asked if I wanted a 1125r, we worked up and deal and I traded. In 2013 I traded my beloved xb12r on a new KTM rc8r, and tracked my 1125r that you see in my avatar. Shortly after that EBR was born and I immediately purchased my red (fastest) 1190rx, and do not regret it one bit. I really enjoyed riding all my bikes but the Buell where the best, I had my xb tricked out with Traxion Dynamic AK 20 cartridges, Rizoma rearsets, Drummer exhaust, EBR race ECM, GPR stabilizer, Elko 3way rear shock and STM slipper, I called it my tractor, it was the best bike to learn on, great handling, smooth and adequate power, enough to have fun but not enough to get in trouble, wish I still had it, but it is in good hand with a friend of mine who is starting back doing track days. Have not put the 1190 on the track yet, but probably will next year. For now my 1125r does the track duty, and does it vary well, heading to Road Atlanta this Sunday and the Barber in September.

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    Got any pictures Mackja?

    Anybody else want to share some pictures/stories?

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    I've always wanted a bike, but never got around to actually buying one until I was in my 30s. I had always loved Buells growing up, so that was really the only bike I was interested in looking at. I bought my first motorcycle before I knew how to ride it. When I got it home, I used YouTube videos to show me how to work the clutch and shifter to get it off the trailer and into the garage.

    I took the rider course offered by my local HD dealer, and loved every minute of it. I started collecting carbon fiber parts and other color combinations, and learned how to swap everything out myself. I would change the color periodically to mix things up.

    On the way to church one night I let myself get a little too close to the vehicle in front of me right when they slammed on their brakes, so the Buell went down. Damaged the frame (among other things) so it was totaled. The two options I considered were the last year of the Buells (2010) because the last year had all the best options, or the EBR. I narrowed it down to two bikes possibilities:

    2010 XB12SCG (Low model). Never dropped, great condition, but high mileage and located 15 hours away (only made 50 SCG in the last year, and only 30 in that color)

    2014 EBR 1190SX. The EBR was more expensive, but more power, 6 speed, no miles, etc. made me really want to look into them. I was concerned about the seat height, because it is 2.5 inches higher than the low model. I drove across town on my next day off to go sit on it - I figured that it would be too tall and I could eliminate it from my list.

    I got there, sat on it and it fit. I still wasn't planning to buy one just yet (because they are kinda pricey), but the sales guy drops the price down to a great deal, and I can't think of a single excuse not to buy. After running some errands and getting all the paperwork finished, I drove it home that night. I had about a day of overlap before the salvage company came to pick up the XB, so I got to snap a few pics of the old and the new.

    That was yesterday, and now I'm starting the next chapter in my motorcycle ownership. :)


    Fast forward another 9 months, and I added another EBR to the stable.
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    I have only one.
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