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Thread: In search of 1190RX Pre-Delivery Instructions

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    In search of 1190RX Pre-Delivery Instructions

    I am searching for the 1190RX Pre-Delivery Instructions (PDI) that describe how to properly uncrate and setup the motorcycle. I have requested such on badweb since I know there is at least one active dealer on the forum, but the only help I have received is to "be sure everything is tight, check the oil, etc". One member also said it is on the EBR dealer portal.

    I am very mechanically and technically competent, but I would like to know the exact steps. I like to do things properly and how the manufacturer intended. I really appreciate anyone that can help!

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    INITIAL SERVICE CHECK First 620 Miles (100 Kilometers)
    The first scheduled maintenance is at 620 miles (1000 Kilometers). See MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING, Regular Service Intervals: EBR MODELS for a com- plete list of required services.
    1. Change engine oil and clean magnetic drain plug.
    2. Replace oil filter cartridge.
    3. Inspect brake fluid level and condition. Check hy-
    draulic brake lines and fittings for leaks.
    4. Check brake pads and rotors for wear.
    5. Check clutch fluid level. Check hydraulic lines and
    fittings for leaks.
    6. Check oil lines for leaks.
    7. Check tire pressure and inspect tread.
    8. Check throttle cable adjustments.
    9. Check operation of all electrical equipment
    and switches.
    10. Check coolant level in expansion tank.
    Check tightness of hose clamps. Clean radia-
    tor and oil cooler fins.
    11. Check drive chain and sprockets.
    12. Check sidestand.
    13. Check exhaust system.
    14. Road Test.

    This is first service, PDI is shorter but ALWAYS includes "Check Critical Fasteners".
    BTW, those are the ones that if they get loose or fall off, you die.


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    Btw, that's as good as it's going to get until either EBR comes back or the dealer portal is somehow resurrected.

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    I appreciate your taking time to respond, but I am looking for the actual PDI. I am aware of initial service procedure in the owner's manual. Why did you quote my thread from badweb when I mentioned that in my initial post?

    Do you know for sure that the dealer portal is inaccessible? I just saw mention of that in the PowerSports Business interview with Erik, but it wasn't clear if that referred to parts distribution only.
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    I've spoke with several dealers, yes, the portal is gone, at least for now anyway.

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    Thanks. I will sit tight then!

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    EBR PDI form

    This is the factory PDI form
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    Speedy13, this is exactly what I was looking for. If nothing else, it's peace of mind to know that some important step isn't overlooked. And with the number crate bikes being sold from repossessions and other sources, which skip the dealer setup process, having this document is a service to the EBR community. For those same bikes, it may also help owners to have documentation that the official PDI was in fact followed and checked off, even if not done by an EBR dealer (you never know with the new company).

    Many thanks!
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