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Thread: EBR 1190 reare shock.

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    EBR 1190 reare shock.

    Does the EBR stock rear shock have high and low speed damping ?

    Just wondering , there's a few for sale on the net and I might grab a 1190 rear shock for my 1125R if it's a better shock straight out of the box .
    Anyone who has had both bikes can you tell me , is the rear shock on the 1190 superior to the 1125 shock. Basically is it a better piece of equipment ?
    I'm thinking of grabbing a 2nd shock and getting it valved to how I like them .So I'll but the most for the least if I can .
    I might grab Gold valves for the front from Race Tech or Technik or something similar for the front .

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    I don't know if the 1125 shocks are different physically, and I have an 1190 OE shock with either the early/red or later/yellow coil spring if you want to buy it.

    They definitely do not have high/low speed damping adjustment, other than the shim stack. Whether they are better or not I don't know, but they have several revisions past the 2008 stockers. A rear shock upgrade is a good one for riding at speed. I LOVE the Wilburs and yes, it has high/low speed damping adjustment as well as pre-load and height separated. Worth the 3 month wait time:)

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    I might rebuild and revalve the stocker down the road a bit and just ride it for now . Economics suggest a very stock bike for the moment . There's cheap 1125 and 1190 shocks for sale on ebay , I'll haunt Ebay to see what's up maybe contact a seller or 2
    I do like to have high/low speed damping where possible , So I'll buy maybe a Wilburs down the track if the right deal comes up .
    My ride home on it was super plush as Allan who owned it is like 20kg/45lbs lighter than me . I got home and realized I never even felt a square edged hit or the choppy **** in town, none of it , not any of it and it's there. The bike was new and I was focussed on just riding a new to me bike home , all new sounds and clutch pull , front brake take up I was fishing for the shift lever though and the rear brake so I reset all that when I got home .I noticed though accelerating out of a turn it wanted to stand up just because it was too soft I'd say .I stiffened it up for my weight when I got home and have only one little hit out around my block and it feels stiffer and sportier, it's way better , the basics are there now , a tweak or two here and there and we'll have it .
    I can't wait to go for a good hit out up the ranges , it's still fkn wet and flooding in places up here .lol

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