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    So I just bought this 2014 1190sx and the previous owner gave me a huge box of parts and I found a envelope with a part in it also there was a receipt from Jacob stark for a evap delete kit Iím trying to figure out if it has been done to the bike already there was a canister with the part # 911-072 104687
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    Congrats on the new bike! Are you familiar with them?
    Post pics, I don't know what you're trying to say. Heck, post pics of the parts pile too!

    You have to take off the airbox cover (4 torx bolts) and lid (clips). The OE charcoal canister is moulded into the airbox base on the right side, big square thing. If it's an open space someone took it off. It's only removable by chopping it out and gluing in a cover plate. The 3-d print file can be found for free at NCCR's site.

    Or do you mean evap solenoid? I know what the OE one look like, not sure about the mod.

    Side note: If you don't know, it was a thing with Mr. Starks FaceBook (ugh) group where they decided (without any proof or engineering), that it was 100% to blame for the half-dozen or so modified race bikes that lost a front cylinder. All of a sudden the weekend cruiser bunch were convinced they also needed it to be changed or removed or catastrophic engine damage would occur immediately. Yes, thats Facebook for ya, lol. But now that Mr. Stark convinced Mr. Melvin to work at the "New Buell", it is the SAME bike and you sure don't hear about that thing anymore.. LOLOL
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