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Thread: Rear Rotor Options?

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    Rear Rotor Options?

    TL;DR: Anyone discover another rr disc that fits? :Shrug:

    Can’t find much (anything) on floating, oversized, nor cross-compatibility w/ other sport bikes’..

    Called Galfer, no luck.

    Seems we’d need a ~90mm inner hole; 220+/-outer..

    Personally, I’m after the XB/1125’s 10” (254mm) diameter, ideally, for my custom, but the holes don’t quite line up due to the aforementioned 1190’s bigger “hub”.. And I don’t want to fab much, or go the machine-shop route unless I have to!
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    Sorry, I don't know of an aftermarket replacement but OE ones are really cheap?

    Edit: Holy heck, I went to get you a link and $157 for a rear rotor!?! Thats just silly.
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    Brake rotors are circular discs connected to each wheel (two in the front and two in the back). Rotors are designed to turn motion (kinetic energy) into thermal energy (heat).
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