Greetings EBR Riders,&nbsp;<img src="images/smilies/wave.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Wave" smilieid="93" class="inlineimg"><br>I see, as with most forms these days, there's not much traffic on this one. However, I'm still going to post this for the sake of posterity. My 2017 1190sx finally arrived! It took a month to get across the USA in a nice delivery truck, but it made the trip safe &amp; sound.<br><br>20201215_105101 by Tony Six5, on Flickr<br><br>While I sort out the issues with getting it registered, I will let you know about a couple issues I came across. Maybe you can help.<br><br>First, the pillion seat latch lock does not work. It seems that the ignition key does not fit into the lock as it should. See the picture below. Is this normal? Or should the key go in as far as the shoulder, as it does in the ignition switch? As it is, I'm thinking the key is not going in fully, so the lock cannot be turned. Also, I can see that the lock slot cover is slightly buggered oh, because the red plastic peace does not fully spring back to cover the key opening. Obviously, it has been fiddled with before.<br><br>20201215_125914 by Tony Six5, on Flickr<br><br>After seeing this, I thought to myself, "Hey the dealer sent me a second key in a separate envelope with the paperwork. Let me try that one." <br>I then noticed that the second key, the blue one, has a different cut. The key is actually different from the one that came with the bike. The blue key does not work in any of the locks - ignition, gas cap, or seat - with one exception. It will move the ignition switch from the <em>locked handlebar position</em> to the <em>park</em> position, but that's all.<br><br>20201215_170648 by Tony Six5, on Flickr<br><br>So far, I have seen no mention in the owner's manual that these EBRs should have two different keys. The sales guy at the dealer also had no idea why they would be different. (They are not an EBR dealer)<br><br>So then, if anyone has suggestions or some insight on how to rectify this seat lock issue, I would be happy to hear it. Even though the blue key doesn't work, that's not a showstopper at the moment.<br><br>If nothing happens here after a bit, I'll put a note up on Facebook.<br>Thanks<br><br>Tony