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Thread: Sargent seat review

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    Sargent seat review

    I had been looking for a better seat for my RX, as anything over 200 miles was really unpleasant. After trying a seat with a Sargent cover, which turned out to be better than anything I'd tried before (thanks Kid Thunder !) I had my Stitch seat completely redone by Sargent and it is working out really well. 3 rides over 280 miles and I was still fairly comfortable at the end of each ride. Sargent said they'd never done a full seat for an EBR before, so it took a little longer than their usual turnaround. It is slightly taller than OEM, but not as tall as the Stitch seat (iirc), I find the cover a little too grippy, but it will probably ease up with time.


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    Your welcome ACM! Good people at Sargent. They made a few seats for me. The best! Traded in my SX & bought an R9T Pure. Not a EBR by any means. But I have my Tuono for that.

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    I used to get my seats done by a local guy but he retired many years ago - 96 SRAD GSXR, 99 R1, (80's bike had pretty good seats - RG500, GSXR Ltd), he used dirt bike seat foam and reshaped it to suit. My car guy isn't as dynamic in this context, so not so helpful - doesn't have the range of foam densities, we tried several options to no avail. This is my first Sargent seat, but I am really happy with it - they will be fixing my RSV4 seat now, though since it's barely ably to go 90 miles on a tank - I need to remap it, that's just silly...

    Yes - really good people at Sargent, I was able to talk to them, explain what was going on, what I wanted, they totally listened and far as I can tell so far, completely delivered. Not sure I'll ever do 600 mile back road days again - but I can dream right ? :)

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