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Thread: Water Pump

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    Water Pump

    I was at the track last weekend and my RX started leaking coolant out of the weep hole on the water pump. What do I need to replace inside before I tear it apart.

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    Lots. I recommend looking at the manual on and getting any/all gaskets. Also re-torque the crank nut while you're in there using Loctite #648.

    The water pump gear needs to be aligned when reinstalling. Put a small rod or screwdriver through the weep hole to align with the dot on the gear. Make sure the front cylinder is at TDC, usually accomplished with a crank lock tool during disassembly.

    I can find pics if necessary.

    Plan to lift the frame off the engine. It's tedious, not difficult. I can do it all in a day, while the sun's out, start to finish; though I am rather mechanically inclined and have amassed tools.

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    I sent a message to EBR in hopes they can put together a purchase order with all the pets needed. Iím not to worried about the process I just didnít want to not have all the parts once I got in there. Thanks for the advice and will reach out once I get parts figured out.

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