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Thread: Temporary hiatus

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    Temporary hiatus

    I am taking a break from building for the time being, personal/medical issue. I've had quite a few requests over the last 2 weeks for builds, I cannot do so at this time. Long story heavily edited and made short, brain tumor. I'm still here and posting a fair bit, I'm OK afaik. I've been talking with a LOT of people that are important to me and family is above all else at this point for me.

    This is also why both bikes are for sale. I will not be able to ride until probably next year, there's no point in me holding on to them and paying insurance for something I won't use for quite some time. I'll buy another one when the time comes though.

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    Man, that really sucks. Best wishes Dean..

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    Good luck on your swift recovery Dean. Please keep in touch when you can!

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