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Thread: A short story for fun

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    Cool A short story for fun

    I'd like to avoid being the "have another problem, help me." type of poster, so here's a little story with a happy ending. I finally went to register my bike with the bill of sale and certificate of origin. Attached to the certificate of origin was an error statement from EBR saying the actual VIN on the bike and certificate was a clerical error and that the attached document had the correct VIN. So I'm an honest man to a fault. I showed the DMV clerk the documentation. She had never seen a certificate of origin before by the look on her face, let alone know what to do with the error statement. They called Nashville to be advised and told me I had to have all of my documentation changed to the correct VIN. LOL I was pissed because I had been there 45 minutes. Long story short, I took the bill of sale and certificate to another location and left the error statement at home. I'm legal beagle now. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    I've done everything from mechanics liens, salvage titles, correcting mileage, missing info, at DMV's in several different states. The one persistent thing I can expect is it is the specific employee that makes the difference in a successful visit (or not).

    Don't let frustration get to you. Being forthcoming with any information they ask for* and have a positive, pleasant attitude. That alone can get you pretty far. Theres no incentive for any DMV employee to give 'customer service', LOL.
    At the end of the day, they just want a clear paper trail, so they aren't personally responsible for anything.

    *That is very different from inundating them with a pile of crumpled, handwritten, stuff they don't want.

    Glad you got it all worked out! I'm happy to have 3 DMV's in close proximity for that exact reason:)

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