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Thread: Thunderbolt racing engine number question

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    Thunderbolt racing engine number question

    Hi I have a thunderbolt Racing bike that I bought from an auction at the Harley Davidson cafe in Las Vegas when the cafe closed they sold all the motorcycles. I bought this one and it has been sitting in my garage for a couple of years and I have not had a chance to even get it started. Working 2 jobs and this poor bike just sits. I am going to sell it but I wanted to try and find out a little about it first. It does not have a vin. It is stamped for race use only on the frame. The question I have is about the engine number. Does anybody know anything about this number. It is stamped *CAMM904334*
    Any information is greatly appreciated. This website wont let me upload photos. I will try again later
    Thanks Donny

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    Hi donnylv, if you don't get any replies here, you may want to post your question over on Different audience.

    Eager to see pics if you can get that part figured out.

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    Totally what ReadyXB said. The BadWeb guys know that stuff from first-hand experience. Literally. I'll look for your post there!

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    I saw your listing on eBay. The engine number stamping is definitely not a Buell stamping, and I don't recall what a standard Sportster stamping from that era looks like. My presumption is that it is a race motor put together by Bartel's (since that is what the bike is painted as). Oh, and the big thing is that it is NOT a S2 Thunderbolt! It's actually a S1 Lightning, either a 1996 or 1997 based on the Brembo rear caliper from my quick check of the eBay ad.

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