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Thread: mechanic needed in Massachusetts

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    mechanic needed in Massachusetts

    Anyone have a suggestion for a mechanic in Mass that can work on a 1190 RX.

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    Sorry, I don't but this forum is a wealth of knowledge and helpful people. Can you describe the problem with the most detail possible and see if there's some help here?

    If not a decent V-twin or even KTM shop could help you depending on the issue. If it's something electrical, most bikes are very similar.

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    Cycle Design in Phillipston was an EBR dealer, and also Dunbar Euro-Sports in Brockton, where I got my RX. No experience with either working on an EBR though. Dunbar is a BMW & Ducati dealership so they definitely have V-twin expertise.

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    I'm from RI but I use a guy from Enfield, CT. His name is Warren. Has worked at a few dealers in the area. He is honest + a great mechanic. He's done my valve adjust as well as install a remote preload Showa rear shock. He's also done a buddys RX. It may be a little travel but he'll work on EBRs. 860-977-6885.

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