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Thread: 1190 pipe 1125

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    1190 pipe 1125

    Does anyone know if a 1190 exhaust will fit a 1125 ?

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    Nope 2 different beast. Modification will be required.
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    It can be done, but requires a significant amount of work and/or fabrication to do so.

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    It sure will fit. Modification will be required, the extent of it will depend on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. I decided to go all the way down said hole. You can do a full 1190 exhaust/cooling system which is actually a staight forward thing to do. All the parts bolt right up however, you will need to find the ECM a new home. You can either fab up a bracket and leave it in its stock location with all the heat, or move it to the tail or even the airbox. I chose to put it in the tail which requires the extension of the wiring harness.

    OR you can keep it simple, keep the 1125 cooling system intact and install the 1190 exhaust system. You will then need to fab up a bracket or modify the RX bracket to bolt up an 1190 oil cooler. All the parts fit, your end result would be like and SX set up with 1125 body work. You will also need 1190 oil cooler lines as 1125 ones are different, I have said parts for sale BTW.
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