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Thread: Will AF1 be an EBR dealer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed / AF1 Racing View Post
    No official date announced. We told them to ship the demos first to dealers so dealers can play with them before the public. Hopefully they do that. Gives us dealers a head start on how they ride, how to pdi them, how to lookup and order parts, interact with their Tech dept, and get fully up to speed on the new brand. We'll also need to stock up on the basic parts, filters, lubes, levers, mirrors, toe pegs, controls, bulbs, etc.

    around the end of December is what we were told.

    I would also hope they'd ship first to dealers like yours that are clearly engaged and trying to do things right. Also, it can't hurt that you're in a warm-weather state.

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    I see an "Around the end of December" ROADTRIP in my future....

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