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Thread: Will There Ever be a Viable American Non-Cruiser Motorcycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1190SX View Post
    I think a lot of manufacturers also look at EBR and Buell as an example of what not to do in the US motorcycle industry. "Sports bikes are not marketable here" "That is Jap ****" We are fighting an uphill battle. Harley, and more broadly cruisers, have become synonymous with American culture whereas sports bikes are viewed as popular with younger people and thus seem to have a attained a hooligan reputation. Running from police, stunting on the freeways, not something you will see on a Harley because, well, despite what cruiser fans might believe it would be no easy feat to pull off. Sports bikes run circles around cruiser performance. Harley's on the other hand have the 'badass outlaw' image they have worked hard to cultivate. I hate to say it, but if worst comes to worst, I'll just get back on the Euro/Jap bike train. You wont sell me on any chromed out 700lbs cruiser any time soon.

    I think I understand part of the downturn for sports bike market, I have noticed a trend of younger people buying affordable cruiser's such as the Indian Scout or inexpensive Harley's. Up until recently you have to admit, Harley's and for the most part Indian's have out priced younger buyers with less income. And the thing young people desire most, respect, is supposed to come with "being a bad ass" on a cruiser.

    Thats not true, japanese bikes sell very very well in america.
    The problem is you have to make a bike that is it at least its equal in everyway and for the same price, not more.. Because you dont have the history or reputation to back it up, thats where the problem lies...

    For example here in australia the 1190rx debuted for 27,990. That is crazy. Who would buy that when another 2 odd thousand gets them the ducati 1199?
    A branded bike with pedigree.

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    You buy an EBR for yourself.

    You buy a Ducati for the neighbors....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Subarubrat View Post
    Since having the EBR on the road for a few weeks now I can put my finger on it, the EBR gets an amplified version of the response that Buell gets from the American bike community, they don't like it because they aren't supposed to. I rode my EBR to a few club's events and while about 1/4 scoff or look askew at it on their own because it isn't a big cruiser there were allot of subtle phones in hands doing some quick searches on what the hell is this thing and about an equal number of raised eyebrows and open eyes but those folks are quickly brought to heal when they are spotted as being interested. I saw it play out over and over, a guy would check out the EBR and get "caught" by someone else who starts ribbing them about seeing them go down the road on a sport bike etc. etc. and then they retreat from admitting they like it. For a bunch of rebels who thrive on non conformity stepping outside the cookie cutter cruiser world is a socially ostracizing thing.

    It is crazy too that a Polaris Indian which is connected in name only to it's legacy is given immediate admittance while Buells and EBRs are not really considered American bikes because they aren't cruisers.

    The same scenario must have played out over and over considering buying a Buell or even an EBR and thinking that while it is what "I" want I'm going to listen to a bunch of **** for buying it.
    Yup you are spot on.ive seen the same.Also a lot of guys knock sportbikes because they are too old, fat and/or out of shape to ride one.And most often dont have the balls to ride a superbike.A 70hp cruiser and a 185hp bike are worlds apart

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    Quote Originally Posted by han View Post
    they are too old, fat and/or out of shape to ride one.
    True, but I do it anyway LOL!!!

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    I'm liking the new Indian FTR 1200 I think it will sell well.

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