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Thread: Knight Design 2" drop foot pegs installed

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    Knight Design 2" drop foot pegs installed

    So I finally got around to installing the Knight Design 2" drop pegs that they use on the Black Lightning(1" drop on the lightning). I was surprised to see the ergos on the SX were already better than most sport bikes stock, but I know that will wear off on longer rides and I bought these pegs for $140 so I decided to give em a shot. If you don't have access to a mill, this is a significant amount of material to remove, more than the figures I have seen sighted on various forums. It is still doable with a file, as I had to use since my mill is inoperable at the moment, but it is a good couple hours of work with a file. I heard a lot of concerns regarding the controls being accessible with the 2" drop pegs and I can say that the brake lever will definitely require adjustment, but I felt it needed adjustment from the factory anyway and it is a simple adjustment. The shift lever seems to still be usable, but may need some fine adjustment.

    Also if your last name is Rossi, you may end up dragging the pegs on those real tight turns. It is worth noting that the pegs are not a straight 2" drop, they also move the pegs backwards.

    Update: Adjusted the rear brake pedal and the shifter. Shifter could have been left alone but will operate more smoothly now. Pretty much just rotated it one tooth down. The rear brake pedal I adjusted all the way down with the rod adjuster, feels a little better than the stock angle, I noticed the brake pedal on the EBR is nearly at the same height as the foot peg where on most bikes it is lower. If I go back to higher pegs I will leave the brake adjusted to a lower level.

    Here are the pegs

    This is the area that the material needs to be removed, some people file down the whole backside of the peg, I just removed material where necessary

    Installed on the bike

    I will report back after the rain breaks and I go for a ride. If I decide I don't care for them or need them, I will post them for sale on the forum.
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    My version has the pegs about 1/2 inch further in and 1/2 inch forward compared to the Knight.

    Being slightly forward also helps with the knee bend relief as does lowering the peg.

    My next ones I made use the stock footpeg instead of the knurled ones I made.

    On my SX.

    ​On the RX:

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    I like that your design brings the pegs further in, the brake lever is definitely to inboard for easy access.

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