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  1. Welcome to the new EBR Forum
  2. EBR Racewear
  3. Buell commercial
  4. Video tour of EBR headquarters
  5. Late to the Party but Just Heard the XR1200 is Discontinued
  6. We Need Some News!
  7. EBR 1190RS on Velocity Channel Tech Toys 360
  8. Looking for Italian Buellers
  9. EBR Developing 250cc Sport Bike for HERO
  10. GE Capital Supports Ramp Up of Erik Buell Racing
  11. Merry Christmas!
  12. Will Polaris/Victory/Indian be the Biggest US Motorcycle Manufacturer in 2013?
  13. Indy Dealer Expo
  14. EBR at AIM in October
  15. New URL's for EBR
  16. Free streaming AMA pro road racing superbike
  17. Geoff May on Pit Pass Radio
  18. Hero Purchases 49.2% Stake in EBR
  19. 2013 EBR Dealer Merchandise Catalog
  20. First Shot of EBR 1190RX?
  21. EBR Dealer List Posted
  22. EBR Partnership with Shorai
  23. Interesting Photo from New Jersey Motorsports Park
  24. It's Official- EBR 1190RX to be Revealed at AIM Expo October 16, 2013
  25. AF1 Racing is officially the EBR dealer for Austin, and the 1190RX is coming soon
  26. Tapatalk
  27. Article: Live Images and Info from 1190RX Debut at AIM Expo
  28. 1190RX Highlights Video from Motorcycle.com
  29. Motorcyclist Video on 1190RX
  30. I Have to Give Harley Credit
  31. AF1 Racing and the Art of Motion event, tomorrow night Friday 11/14/13 Austin TX
  32. EBR/AMSOIL 1190rx contenst
  33. New-look Buell fires on all cylinders as it ramps up production
  34. EBR 1190RX in Production at Wisconsin Factory
  35. EBR 1190RX #9 in Rideapart's top 10 buys for 2014
  36. 2014 Hero HX250R
  37. Sidi comes on board with Aaron Yates as sponsor in WSBK
  38. Hero vs. Honda: Battle of the Titans (starring Erik Buell)
  39. Cycle News Interview with Erik Buell
  40. EBR receives grant to attend European trade show
  41. EBR-1190RX Released - Any Tests?
  42. Cycle World EBR 1190RX Report
  43. Motorcyclistonline EBR 1190RX First Ride
  44. EBR demo truck at AF1 New Braunfels April 14th
  45. anyone in Europe get theirs yet?
  46. California bikes out yet?
  47. EBR in Southern California
  48. What if . . .
  49. Motorcycledaily.com: Part 2 of 1190RX test from Indy, plus rumors on future
  50. EBR Engineering Services
  51. Erik Buell Interview from Laguna Seca
  52. Share Your 1190RX Photos With EBR
  53. Parts Unlimited the Official Parts Disti!
  54. Where are all the Shootouts!?!?
  55. Motorcycle.Com Names EBR Runner up for Sportbike of the Year
  56. On the Record: Dane Hoechst, EBR Program Manager
  57. AIMExpo 2015
  58. 2015 Hero HX250R Preview
  59. EBR Past, Present and Futire 2014
  60. Interview with EBR VP Gary Pietruszewski from EICMA 2014
  61. Rent a EBR 1190RX in Austin
  62. EBR caliper without the EBR logo? (Pics)
  63. EBR 1190 engine info -- squashing some misinformation out there
  64. Exhaust that does the 1190 RIGHT
  65. EBR 1190SX and RX service manuals / videos are now for sale.
  66. Does Anybody Remember Bomber Motorcycles?
  67. Tell me this is late April Fools
  68. EBR bankrupt?
  69. The Ragged Edge- New Documentary About Erik, Buell and EBR
  70. Where can I get a service manual?
  71. Oil... What is everyone running?
  72. EBR parts left at Parts Unlimited
  73. Ebr. Website back up😃
  74. Valve Technology
  75. Polaris Might Very Well Buy EBR
  76. Break Pads and rotors .
  77. EBR Bankruptcy Claims
  78. EBR ECM and Tips finishing kit for sale
  79. EBR Sale Scheduled
  80. 4 EBR's for sale on Cranky Ape
  81. a couple questions on the front rotor and clutch pull issues
  82. making an EBR RX/SX convertible...
  83. newbie from hawaii
  84. EBR and Buell service shop in SoCal
  85. Meet the New Owner of EBR
  86. What "Make" was put on your 1190 Title?
  87. Warm welcome and thank you. To Bruce Belfer.
  88. When will EBR be fully operational? Questions to the Owner.
  89. post your marketing and advertising strategies for the EBR brand to survive
  90. The Man Who Bought Buell, Interview
  91. help with owner's manual thumb drive please
  92. Does anyone have a bike with the sidestand interlock?
  93. Tech Spec's Snake Skin tank and air box panels...
  94. EBR Site is back online
  95. What did you do to your EBR today...
  96. Rear sprocket effects on the computer and or speedometer...
  97. FS: Power Commander V for 1190RX/SX
  98. Clutch piston cylinder and spring rate changes...
  99. 2016 BUELL / EBR CALENDAR - Submission and Information Thread
  100. EBR, RX in drag racing
  101. Stalling
  102. ECM ECU for sale
  103. What is the OEM coolant brand?
  104. 1190 Typhon
  105. Luggage / tank & tail bags
  106. 1190 RX/SX front rotors.
  107. Formal Complaint Against Liquidation
  108. Liquid Assets Website Hacked
  109. Merry Christmas!
  110. If you want to write the court regarding the next hearing on January 14...
  111. ANOTHER Auction for EBR!
  112. parts still left in stock at Parts Unlimited
  113. crank lock tool
  114. LAP Selling EBR Parts!
  115. So . . . When does your warranty expire?
  116. New Press Release from Liquid Asset Partners Re: EBR
  117. Who wants radiator/oil cooler sets?
  118. False/Funny/Stupid News about EBR
  119. After market SyntoRace levers
  120. EBR at Chicago IMS 12-14 February
  121. Guess the new MSRP of the 2016s
  122. Roll Call for EBR Open House
  123. Question about existing bikes
  124. One Happy Man!
  125. New Video- Interview with Erik
  126. Who wants a 2016?
  127. Parts Unlimited still has EBR parts -- wrong info
  128. Peter Egan Article on EBR Open House Up at Cycle World
  129. EBR Factory Video From 650ib
  130. Rogue marketing to potential dealers...
  131. Update from EBR
  132. EBR Race Rig for sale
  133. 650ib Gets an 1190RX and Interviews Erik
  134. EBR ET-V2 1190 Engine Specifications at a glance
  135. 2016 Homecoming
  136. don't know if anyone noticed....
  137. 1190 RX stolen from Maryland
  138. changing values on programmable ecm
  139. EBR Back in Europe
  140. Interview with Erik on Wheelnerds
  141. Just got my new 2014 EBR 1190SX this last weekend
  142. Order your bike on-line at EBR.com!
  143. Attaining over 200 WHP.
  144. hello from aussie new member and some 1190 questions please
  145. Oil change = 4qts not 3.3?
  146. Bike needed for seat design
  147. At least one dealer giving warranty on pre-receivership EBR bikes
  148. does lo-beam turn off when switching to hi-beam
  149. Free Updated Software for ECM & Display from EBR
  150. Midnight Black vs Galactic Black
  151. Ebr low gearing kit description
  152. Online VIN Registry for EBR Motorcycles
  153. Wondering If You Should Buy an EBR? Motorcycle.com answers your question
  154. Bronze swingarm saver that supplements the OEM chain rub...
  155. Dash Issues- Update from EBR
  156. Big press release!
  157. EBR Owners Trademark “Black Lightning”
  158. An easy fix for the sticking key in the lock for seat latch...
  159. EBR Black Lightning
  160. erikbuellracing.com updated
  161. EBR Reliability
  162. EBR on Drivetribe
  163. Merry Christmas from EBR!
  164. New to the EBR world
  165. Warranty 2014 Bikes
  166. Warranty no warranty
  167. Lower footpegs
  168. On the way
  169. Traction control
  170. New bike Saturday
  171. Low gearing Race ECM
  172. Adjustable footpegs
  173. Re-Designed tail section
  174. Still don't understand stock footpeg
  175. Corbin Comfort Seat
  176. IMS Cleveland
  177. Apparently VERY Bad News for EBR
  178. Does any body how much ebr 1190 sx bike were liquidated for ?
  179. Corbin Seat
  180. Buelltooth
  181. Down on EBR
  182. 2017 model year EBRs?
  183. Black Lightening springs?
  184. Erik Buell's signature
  185. Wheelnerds EBR Discussion
  186. Front brake rotor & mounting kit
  187. Foot peg return spring
  188. Drilled Brake Rotors
  189. New Chain
  190. Is my bike 2016 or 2017
  191. Erik riding vid
  192. Any Rumors?
  193. Header Carnage
  194. EBR in Motorcycle.com 2017 superbike shoot out!j
  195. Niki Hayden died
  196. Parts crossover list
  197. Details on parts availability and factory auction/sale from LAP
  198. Parts prices
  199. Lap liquidation sale footage
  200. Honestly, is it dumb to buy an EBR now?
  201. Parts prices
  202. CraigsList !!!!
  203. Steel rear sprocket
  204. Thought for the Day- How Long will this forum be here?
  205. personalized license plates
  206. Any graphics/photoshop guys on here?
  207. Parts order
  208. Buell 1125 parts on EBR 1190
  209. Who checks the oil level on the side stand, who checks it on a paddock stand?
  210. LAP listing on eBay 2014 RX "prototype showbike"
  211. Any graphics/photoshop guys here?
  212. Whats the production cost of Rx??
  213. How sprocket affects top speed
  214. Outer clutch cover
  215. Jet hot coating on Dean A
  216. E bay prices
  217. Aftermarket parts lists
  218. Paint codes
  219. I love my 1190 , Bad things that go wrong
  220. Basic tuning on an EBR 1190 RX/SX
  221. Smart-Tune-X Adjustable Fuel Tuner Performance Chip Buel EBR 1190RX
  222. Torque settings for front/rear axles
  223. Not me , Look where I went!
  224. Remove clutchover
  225. Bleeding clutch
  226. Updated chain sliders
  227. Is There Any Hope for a Revived EBR?
  228. Intriguing FB post by Geoff May
  229. How bad is the stock exhaust?
  230. Most common rear sprocket change
  231. Erik Buell and the Thunderbolts Playing Tonight!
  232. Thunderhill Track / T hill
  233. Exhaust shield
  234. Why EBR is so significant
  235. Someone on the forum only needed the frame pads
  236. Torque settings for sprocket & rear rotor
  237. Video of RX hit by car wheel
  238. Front wheel 2015 SX
  239. How many TOTALLED EBR'S?
  240. Oil pressure switch
  241. O2 Issues and Throttle Body Sync
  242. DragRacing
  243. GB Racing case covers
  244. Clutch cover decal
  245. Quick Shifters on sale at Buelltooth
  246. Great Article by Erik
  247. solenoid delete
  248. New RX owner
  249. Dumb question about valve adjust
  250. Another positive experience with EBR parts / EBR tech